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3 reasons why Vallarta beaches are great for corporate travel

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If you are thinking of going to Vallarta and so far, your search has been based on just hotels, you need to know that there is much more to discover, and especially more than hotels in Puerto Vallarta luxury boutiques and five star for corporate travel and DMC trips to Mexico.

Vallarta beaches are more than spectacular places, because they have much more than sand, sun and sea, and especially for what corporate travel companies are looking for. They have the peace and tranquility that anyone may want. They are fun for both families and couples, and you’ll never feel as comfortable as in these places. Going to a beach is already something that guarantees relaxation in a vacation. This is not only about the place, but because being in a beach location you are able to connect with nature and with the most primitive side of our being.

This is very good because it is a very sharp cut to the routine, job responsibilities, the problems of cities, noise, the rush, stress. Imagine going from being in an office, or at your place of work, whatever it may be, and suddenly you find yourself in a place like a Mexican beach with the sound of the sea breeze, the murmur of the feet when they walk on the fine sand. What more could you ask? Still, I’ll give you 3 reasons why the beaches of Vallarta, a top destination for management companies, are a great option for corporate travel.

Vallarta is a great destination management for business travel companies.

For this, I will mention three of the most famous beaches of Puerto Vallarta, tell you a little about them, and why you got to visit them. The beach number one is Playa Dorada. The main reason why you have to visit this paradise is because it is the most popular and easier to access in Puerto Vallarta; that is, zero complications, and lots of good vibes from the start. This beach is located in front of a very famous walk in the city called El Malecon. This is another plus, because in the early evening, after a full day of enjoying the sand and sun, you can get to know this ride has a beautiful drive where you will find shops, artworks, sculptures and street performers who will delight you with their creations.

A beach that is south of downtown Puerto Vallarta’s Mismaloya. This beach became famous following the filming of the movie Night of the Iguala, which was shot in 1964 and whose protagonists were Richard Burton and Ava Gardner. The landscape of this place is wonderful, not in vain chose to shoot the film. The waves are gentle, almost imperceptible, making this beach an ideal place to go with children. This beach is also ideal for kayaking and some other sports and activities that a DMC travel can benefit from having, as it can prove to be a great plus to corporate activities while in an event or convention held in Puerto Vallarta. These are great for taking a break!

Third, last but not least is Tomatlan, with 250 meters long, this beach forms a spectacle that your eyes never forget, because when there is rain, sea water forms a barrier to the lake… amazing!

If you go to Mexico and search for the advisement of a business travel management, you do not need more than 3 reasons to visit the beaches in a beautiful place like Puerto Vallarta. Request a proposal today and take your next corporate trip to Vallarta, where you will enjoy amazing natural wonders as well as a modern infrastructure for your event!



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